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The Blissful Dog

The Blissful Horses Focus Aromatherapy Spray

The Blissful Horses Focus Aromatherapy Spray

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Focus Horse Aromatherapy Corrals Your Horse's Focus Focus Horse Aromatherapy amps up equine concentration and increases attention span for your attention deficit horse.

Is your horse a wound-tight, energy galore, attention deficit horse - one who runs back and forth, rearing and flitting from one horse drama to the next? Can you literally FEEL his muscles twitch through the saddle he is wound so very tight.

This high energy horse can be fun to live with when you want a fast, exhilarating ride, but a handful when you are at training class, are on a leisurely trail ride or venturing into the show ring.

Bliss Tip! Only use Focus when you are working with your horse so the scent of Focus comes to mean "Time to Work" to your horse.

Focus Horse Aromatherapy Product Info

• 2.7 oz Aluminum Spray Mister
• Complete Usage Brochure Included Essential Oils Used
• CEDAR WOOD grounds and reduces panic
• CYPRESS soothes frazzled emotions
• FRANKINCENSE quiets anxiety
• LAVENDER classic calming
• VETIVER stress relief
• BERGAMOT uplifts and balance
• ROSEMARY promotes mental clarity

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